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Tall Corn and SMA K-1s

The K-1s for Tall Corn and SMA will be available on Feb. 22​ in the afternoon. Please reach out if you have issues accessing the documents.

Posted on 2/20/2017

Top Stories

DISCLAIMER: The views expressed in these publications do not necessarily reflect the views of POET.

POET-DSM plans on-site enzyme manufacturing facility at Project Liberty

Cellulosic ethanol plant has achieved 70 gallon per ton conversion rate More...
Posted on 2/16/2017

POET Biorefining – Caro Receives Annual Excellence Award

Posted on 2/15/2017

POET Biorefining – Chancellor

Surpasses Billion Gallon Milestone More...
Posted on 2/7/2017

POET responds to EPA Renewable Volume Obligation announcement

POET CEO: Market growth increases biofuel’s benefits to U.S. security, economy, air quality More...
Posted on 11/23/2016

Palace City Profile: Life is POETry for the Waugh family | The Daily Republic

"Growing up in Blair, Nebraska, Nick Waugh never thought much about the local manufacturing plant. "It was an enormous facility in town, but I didn't know what happened there," he recalls."


Posted on 10/18/2016

Six POET plants installing Combined Heat and Power processes

Posted on 10/10/2016

India will soon be zero petroleum import country: Gadkari |

"With the Centre focusing more on developing alternative fuel economy, India will soon stop importing petroleum products, Union Minister Nitin Gadkari said today."


Posted on 9/7/2016

POET /DSM Continues Local Cover Crop Research | Emmetsburg News

"The technology of cellulosic ethanol production is based in great part on the quantity of cellulosic material available for plants that utilize the technology, such as POET/DSM's Project Liberty plant in Emmetsburg. Since the inception of Project Liberty, area producers who have been harvesting their corn residue each Fall have worked on the basis of taking just 25 percent of the corn stover, ie: stalks, husks and cobs, from the field after the harvest, usually in one-pass baling."


Posted on 9/1/2016

Food Price Deflation Cheers Consumers, Hurts Farmers, Grocers and Restaurants | WSJ

"The U.S. is on track this year to post the longest stretch of falling food prices in more than 50 years, a streak that is cheering shoppers at the checkout line but putting a financial strain on farmers and grocery stores."


Posted on 8/30/2016

Mexico allows for use of ethanol in nation's fuel supply | Farm Futures

"The Energy Regulatory Commission of Mexico (CRE) published their recently-passed fuel regulation (NOM-016-CRE-2016) in the Mexican federal register on Monday, allowing for the blending and sale of up to 5.8% ethanol in the nation’s fuel supply outside of the three major metropolitan areas of Mexico City, Guadalajara and Monterrey."


Posted on 8/30/2016